Diet And Fitness Tips

Diet And Fitness Tips

A new year is about to begin, it’s time to make resolutions and make some positive changes to your life. You can start work out from now as well. What could be better than gifting a transformed body to self next year? Since you have less than one month in hand, you must start at the earliest. In these 20 odd days you can get satisfactory results if you are particular about number of things. Striking the right balance diet and exercising is crucial to how early you get results.


Diet tips

Be smart while snacking

Most of us can’t get over the temptation of snacking. Infact, nutritionists do not consider snacking as a bad habit. What is important is that you must snack smartly. Substitute weight gaining foods items with healthy ones. Junk food is a total no-no for people on weight loss regime. Fruits, string cheese, peanuts and other protein rich food items make a great menu for a healthy snack.

Don’t starve yourself

Most people, who want to lose weight in less time, make the mistake of starving themselves during an exercising program. This is the worst thing to do for losing weight. If one fasts or eats too little, he/she would be low in energy level. This can be detrimental to your health. Besides, you are likely to eat more in one go that will make you to gain weight.


Have balanced meal

You must have balanced meal, three times a day. Light snacking in the evening is also permitted. Your menu must not have too much carbohydrate and fat. Protein and mineral must also form a vital component of your meals. Protein helps in boosting the Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) of the body which helps in burning lots of calories. You must also consume about 3 liters of water in a day.

€Warning – Water doesn’t mean sweetened drinks and alcohol.

Fitness tips

Be regular in training

The first thing you must do is to enroll in a fitness program, if you are not a member of a gym. You must be regular in the training program if you are really serious about your weight loss resolution.


Choose the right type of training

You must choose the right type of fitness training. Aerobic exercises and resistance (strength) training are most effective for burning fat tissues in body. Jogging, sprinting and circuit training are some of the most effective aerobic exercises. Kinetic and other resistance bands are used for performing strength training. This type of exercises works on the abdominal muscles. Stronger abs improves stamina and fitness level of a person. Therefore, you can work out more intensively.

Experiment with unconventional equipment

Some people find gym sessions boring. Such people can experiment with novel ideas for workout. Some of tools that give different exercising feel are sand bag, heavy Tyre, heavy rope and resistance stick.

Resistance stick is made of a stick with kinetic or other resistance bands attached.

You must also give adequate breaks to your body. Exercising at long stretch may result in injuries that may unnecessarily prolong the deadline.

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